Change Is In The Air

By Girls on the Run Southeast WA on 5/15/2017

Benefits of our new Single Season program

More girls will get to experience GOTR

By shifting to a single season, we will have more time to recruit additional coaches, sites and girls.  The Girls on the Run councils in Seattle and Silicon Valley tell us offering a single season has been key to their successful expansion programs.  We have a goal of increasing the number of girls and teams next spring by 50%.  Some sites will even have 2 teams that will meet on different days.

Returning Girls will get maximum benefit

We have heard great things from our girls who return after a full year off. These girls are getting maximum benefit out of each season because they are learning the program through new eyes each time.  We love having girls return to us each season, and now our returning girls will have the opportunity to go through each of our 3 unique curriculums at a different developmental stage, resulting in maximum benefit from participation in the program.

Increased COACH retention

Coaches will now make only one 10 week commitment a year, instead of two.  In addition, each team will be staffed with 3 or more coaches so that any need for subs can be handled within the team. Coaches can now approach the season after the school year is already underway, without the scramble of beginning school and GOTR at the same time.  Based on the experience of other single season councils, coach retention tends to be much higher because of the additional break between seasons.

Increased Practice Safety

The longer daylight hours during our spring season ensure that practices end while the sun is still high in the sky.  This alleviates the issue we have in the fall of practices finishing in the dark.

Let’s Do THIS!

Of course we are a little sad that there will be no fall Girls on the Run program – but we believe this change is for the benefit of the girls we serve as well as our volunteer superstar coaches. We believe that this will create a strong platform for Spring 2018 and future seasons. 

On behalf of the entire team at Girls on the Run of Southeast Washington, thank you for your ongoing support. We hope you’ll join us in sharing the great news about these exciting changes!



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